The Information Technology Resource Center takes full responsibility of the operation of the school network, the computer laboratories in the College, Basic Education (Elementary, Junior and Senior High) Department. It offers internet service, id processing, data scanning, data request, printing, computer maintenance and repair. It also offers assistance to students and personnel in using the equipment.

General Objectives

The ITRC is the service unit that provides quality technology services to its clientele. It supports the technical needs of pupils / students and personnel through general assistance program as well as the maintenance and repair of SMCQC computer equipment, geared towards the attainment of the institutional vision-mission of developing Ignacian Marian leaders of faith, excellence and service.


•Software use



•Document Scan (Personnel only)


•Roving and Stationary PC


•Data Request

•General Assistance

ITRC House Rules



  1. Use the ITRC for official school activities only;
  2. Take care of their personnel belongings while inside the Center;
  3. Observe that chat, games, Facebook, YouTube and adult sites are not allowed. ITRC Site Filtering is active. Indecent words or phrases and/or materials contrary to Ignacian Marian practices are automatically blocked; and
  4. Maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the Center by:

4.1  Properly shutting down computer unit after use;

4.2  Arranging keyboard, mouse, monitor and chair before leaving; and

4.3  Observing silence at all times.

5. For the College Library only – The Librarian-in-Charge has assigned a computer unit that can access YouTube, Facebook and related sites. This computer unit is duly monitored by the Librarian-in-Charge.


FOR STUDENTS (in the ITRC only):

  1. Upon entry, present Identification Card to the IT Support at the counter.
  2. Properly fill out Computer Use Log form (VPADMI-ITRC-FO-008).
  3. To avail of the services, must properly fill out the following forms:
    1. For printing, Print-out Log form (VPADMI–ITRC-FO-004)
    2. For CD Burn, CD burn Log form (VPADMI–ITRC-FO-022)

4. Secure and present Use of ITRC Outside Regular Schedule form (VPADMI-ITRC-FO-014) properly signed by the teacher/adviser or a letter stating the urgency of the need to avail services outside regular schedule.


FOR PERSONNEL (in the ITRC only):

  1. Upon entry, properly accomplish the Personnel Log Form (VPADMI-ITRC-FO-005); before and after availing of ITRC services such as i.e. software use, printing, internet use, document scanning, ID processing, CD burning, data requisitioning and asking for general assistance.
  2. Hand over removable storage device to the IT Support at the counter, for virus scanning and wait to be seated.
  3. Work accordingly and avoid bringing food inside the ITRC as well as leaving documents and personal belongings in and or within designated computer unit. The IT Support will automatically delete all saved documents and will not be liable for any loss. Be reminded that the ITRC does not allow unit reservation.
  4. Ask assistance from the IT Support on any technical problems encountered as well as inquiries in the area.
  5. Provide own bond paper/s for document printing and removable storage device for document saving.

Service Hours:

For Intermediate Pupils & High School Students

MONDAY                             Grade 4 & Grade 7

TUESDAY                            Grade 5 & Grade 8

WEDNESDAY                     Grade 6, Grade 9 and Grade 12

THURSDAY                         Grade 10 & Grade 11

FRIDAY                                Grade 4 to Grade 12

RECESS                                LUNCH                                           DISMISSAL

For College Students

MONDAY to FRIDAY         8:00 am –   5:00 pm

SATURDAY                          8:30 am – 12:00 noon

For Personnel

MONDAY to FRIDAY        7:00 am –   5:00 pm

SATURDAYS                       8:00 am – 12:00 noon


Third Floor Mother Ignacia Building
Telephone Number:           3736846/49 local 502