The Medical-Dental Clinic of St. Mary’s College, Quezon City is the service unit that provides effective school health services to its clientele. It offers programs that integrate health promotion principles throughout the school curriculum for the attainment of an optimum state of well-being. The services of the Medical-Dental Clinic aim to protect and promote the health of its clientele to acquire knowledge and skills for self-care, foster growth and reinforce positive health attitudes. It directs its services through health education, communicable disease control, physical assessment, screening, environmental safety and sanitation, and provision of first aid.

General Objective:

The Medical-Dental Clinic contributes to the physical, mental and social development of pupils/students and personnel through health promotion, maintenance of health and good nutrition, and disease prevention geared towards the attainment of the institutional vision-mission of developing Ignacian Marian leaders of faith, excellence and service.


•Annual Physical and Dental Examinations of Pupils/Students and Personnel

Daily consultations and treatment

•Referral of emergency cases to hospitals

•Provision of health teachings

•Protection of the environment through regular:

  – larvae trapping

  – misting of school premises

  – sanitation inspections of Food Services or Canteen and Restrooms

  – water microbiological examination of Food Services or Canteen and drinking fountains

•Implementation of National Health Programs of the Department of Health through the Local Health Department (Quezon City Health Department and Roxas Health Center)

•Extension of services to parents/guardians of pupils/students and immediate family of personnel and visitors

House Rules for Patient Admission and Confinement


1. Only the patient and one companion should enter the Medical-Dental Clinic.

2. The patient/companion should log in the patient’s name on the Daily Consultation and Treatment Logbook.

3. After endorsing what happened to any of the Medical-Dental Clinic staff, the companion may leave the patient.



1. Patient’s condition will be assessed.

a. Patient is allowed to stay if he/she is under observation for:

•allergic reactions

•chest pain


•difficulty of breathing


•fever (37.5 ºC or higher)

•severe abdominal pain

•severe headache


b. A pupil/student will be allowed to go home if:

•The abovementioned conditions are not relieved

•Diagnosed with communicable disease such as:

– sore eyes

– mumps

– chicken pox

– measles

– hand-foot-mouth disease

– and other related diseases;

•he/she is in need of immediate dental treatment;

•he/she must be referred to a medical specialist or to a physician if the school physician is not around;

•he/she suffered injuries that need immediate intervention such as:

– fracture

– laceration

– deep punctured wound

– and other related injuries;

2. Patient will be given medicines only if:

– medicines are prescribed by an attending physician

– a patient has undergone consultation with the school physician

– a consent is given by a parent or guardian

– medical history forms are updated with medicines specified in case of fever, toothache, allergies and asthma

3. Patient will be given recommendation slip/s as needed and if seen by the school physician. Prescription/s will be given if necessary.

4. For emergency cases, the patient is brought to the nearest hospital. Parents / guardians are immediately informed about the case.


A. Going back to the classroom

Before going back to the classroom after having been relieved from his/her complaint, the patient should log-out, write the complaint and treatment done in the Daily Consultation and Treatment Logbook.

Junior High School and Senior High School student will be issued a Clinic Slip signed by a Medical-Dental Clinic staff to be submitted to the Class Beadle.

B. Going home

1. A Medical-Dental Clinic staff will inform the parents if the pupil/student will be sent home. Otherwise, she/he will NOT be allowed to go home.

2. Before going home he/she should log-out, write the complaint and treatment done and should secure an Exit Pass to be signed by any of the Medical-Dental Clinic staff. The Exit Pass will be submitted to the Guard on duty at the gate before a patient is allowed to go home.

3. Fetcher should log-in and out.


Guidelines for Pupils/Students:

1. Pupils/Students who have been absent for two (2) or more days due to prolonged sickness/illness such as fever, diarrhea, allergies, rashes, abdominal pain or vomiting are required to seek medical clearance from the Medical-Dental Clinic to determine if they are fit to go back to school or still need to be sent home for referral to family physician or to simply rest.

2. Pupils/Students who have been absent due to hospitalization and communicable disease such as sore eyes, mumps, chicken pox, measles hand-food-mouth disease and other related diseases are required to present a medical certificate from their Family / Attending Physician and seek medical clearance first from the Medical-Dental Clinic to determine if they are fit to go back to school or still need to be isolated / sent home to prevent the spread of communicable disease or for referral to family / attending physician.

3. Only one person is allowed on each bed.

4. Pupils/Students are only allowed to stay and rest in the Medical-Dental Clinic if they are sick and may stay there until their condition is stable and vital signs are normal. Pupils/Students are NOT allowed to standby / loiter inside the Medical-Dental Clinic.

5. Pupils/Students are advised to have their breakfast before coming to school to prevent dizziness, stomachache or headache.


Health Services Coordinator    Ms. Zenaida R. Ylarde

School Physicians                         Dr. Ma. Teresita A. Reyes

                                                        Dr. Nadia M. Vizconde

School Dentist                             Dr. Eliza Marie P. Morasa

School Nurses                              Ms. Alyssa Bianca J. Maderal, RN

                                                        Ms. Bernadette P. Naira, RN

 Ms. Ma. Filomena S. Tamoro, RN


Service Hours

Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday 8:00 am – 12:00 nn / 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Ground Floor, Beaterio Annex Building

Telephone Numbers:       3766296

                                             3736846 to 49 local 405

Email Address: