college organizations

St. Mary’s College is committed to the total development of persons for the service of the community. Towards this end, the Student Activity program adheres to the community’s endeavor for stability, progress and prosperity; and

1. To complement, supplement and enrich the curricular program;
2. To provide expression for the students’ talents and potentials;
3. To encourage and stimulate dynamic leadership and responsibility among the students, and
4. To contribute to the total development of Marians.



Membership in campus organizations is considered as an excellent means in fostering social attitudes, cooperation, initiative, responsibility and well-rounded development and enrichment. Students are allowed to join one campus-organization. A student is prohibited from joining two or more clubs to avoid accumulation of tasks and functions. Students may join any organization provided it is registered and recognized by the College.

A. Central Student Government

This is the sole student organization representing the whole student body in the College Department. It seeks to promote cooperation, collaboration and leadership among the various student groups, coordination and integration of the different activities towards a fuller and richer implementation of the student activity program, and support the administration’s policies and projects for the welfare of the various sectors of the department, particularly the students.


Central Student Government Officers
A.Y. 2018-2019

President: Apa-ap, Mary Grace
Vice president: Sanchez, Karoline Reuben
Secretary: Carumba, Jullyvie
Treasurer: Tira, Christmer Aira
Auditor: Din, Carl Dylan
Public Relations Officer: Gache, Crystal Jade
BA Communication: Tabbada, Paulynn
and Patricia Camille Fajilan
Bachelor of Elementary Education Meru, Bunny Face
and Bulilan, Daisairy
Bachelor of Secondary Education Olinda, Aireen
Bachelor of Elementary Education Graydo, Ivy
BS Social Work: Guillen, Shaira
and Sorillano, Eddie Jr.
BS Office Administration: Dimacisil, Alexis
and Macarandan, Alliah
BS Psychology: Castillo, Jenyly
Abdula, Maria Gemma
BS Accounting Technology: Batomalaque, Jenelyn
Jontilano, Melanie

Marian Herald Officers
A.Y. 2018-2019

Editor-in-Chief: Alezandria Michelle T. Franco
Associate Editor: Paulynn F. Tabbada
Section Editors: Patricia Camille R. Fajilan
Ernest Chester Ariola
Earl Kenneth B. Pestaño

B. Spiritual Organization

1. Youth for Mother Ignacia

Youth for Mother Ignacia

Youth for Mother Ignacia Officers
A.Y. 2017-2018

President: Roxanne Tuazon
Vice president: Genevieve Laforteza
Secretary: Ivy Graydo
Treasurer: Daisairy Bulilan
Auditor: Maria Creza De Los Santos
Public Relations Officer: Karoline Sanchez

C. Academic Organizations

1. Tulong Dunong

Tulong DunongTulong Dunong Officers
A.Y. 2017-2018

President: Aireen Olinda
Vice president: Michaela Mae Lee
Secretary: Maria Creza De Los Santos
Treasurer: Mitzi Eugenio
Auditor: Daisairy Bulilan
Public Relations Officer: Wilma Villaplaza

2. Communication Society

Communication SocietyCommunication Society Officers
A.Y. 2017-2018

President: Kenneth Jason P. Ong
Vice president: Alezandria Michelle T. Franco
Secretary: Elizabeth S. Sañol
Treasurer: Paulynn F. Tabbada
Auditor: Kate Brandon L. Santos

3. Psychology Society

Psychology SocietyPsychology Society Officers
A.Y. 2017 – 2018

President: Wilreign Go
Vice president: Aubrey Samiuelle J. Ramos
Secretary: Michaela Mae Lee
Resource Mob / Treasurer: Roanne Dominique A. Galano
Multimedia Committee Head: Elizabeth Marie E. Valeroso

4. Junior Social Work Association of the Philippines

Junior Social WorkJunior Social Work Association of the Philippines Officers
A.Y. 2017 – 2018

President: Crystal Jade Gache
Vice president: Gabriel Adrianne D. Mendez
Secretary: Jolina Talan
Treasurer: Mary Rose Sanchez
Auditor: Homer Forte
Public Relations Officer: Eddie Sorillano, Jr.

Young Educators
A.Y. 2018 – 2019

President: Paula Marie Lyra Saavedra
Vice president: Sahara Hope Salvacion
Secretary: Bunny Face Meru
Treasurer: Isis Amzel J. Paguio
Auditor: Angelica Marie A. Bachini
Public Relations Officer: Jermailyn R. Isip
First Year: John Anthony C. Lingal
Second Year: Melissa Mendiola
Third Year: Maria Febronia Paba
Fourth Year: Aye Aye Mu

D. Cultural Organizations

1. Marian Voices

Marian VoicesMarian Voices Officers
A.Y. 2016 – 2017

President: Sahara Hope Salvacion
Vice president: Eddie Sorillano, Jr.
Secretary: Maria Febronia Paba
Treasurer: Simbahon, Elsa
Auditor: Gabriel Adriane Mendez
Public Relations Officer: John Philip Rebudiao

2. Marian Dancers

Marian DancersMarian Dancers Officers
A.Y. 2016 – 2017

President: Eddie Sorillano
Vice president: John Philip Rebudiao
Secretary: Michaela Mae Lee
Treasurer: Roxanne Tuazon
Auditor: Shen Lee Azures

3. Sports Club

Sports ClubSports Club Officers
A.Y. 2016 – 2017

President: Carl Dylan Din
Vice president: Eddie Sorillano, Jr.
Secretary: Jullyvie Carumba
Treasurer: Daisairy B. Bulilan
Auditor: Alexis Dimacisil
Public Relations Officer: John Philip Rebudiao