basic ed preschool to grade 6

The Pupil Activity Program encompasses all activities and experiences that are outside of but complementary to the academic curriculum. These are extra-curricular activities that create situations and opportunities that provide for maximum development of creativity, individual talents and potentials. Moreover, they are aimed towards the development of the Marian’s love for service, deep faith in God and excellence in all undertakings. To meet the objectives of the program, a variety of club organizations from Grade 1 to 6 levels is offered. These are suited to their wide ranging needs, interest and talents. The club activity is held every Wednesday for Grades 1 to 3 and every Friday for Grades 4 to 6.



  1. KNIGHTS OF THE ALTAR CLUB aims to prepare members for active involvement in apostolic works both in school and in their parishes by assisting in liturgical services and meaningful reach out activities.
  2. MOTHER IGNACIA CLUB aims to provide pupils the opportunity to study, work and pray for the cause of Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, Foundress of the RVM Congregation and to spread the information about her so that other people may be inspired to know her more and follow her examples.


  1. MATHINIK CLUB aims to contribute to the growth of an individual by sharing with one another the knowledge and skills developed in Mathematics; generate interest in numbers and enrich their knowledge and skills by actively participating in the club activities.
  2. BOARD GAMES CLUB aims to develop logic reasoning skills; improve critical thinking and boost spatial reasoning; increase verbal and communication skills; and develop attention skills and the ability to concentrate and focus for longer periods of time while enjoying interaction with others.
  3. CYBERTECH CLUB aims to enhance creativity in designing programs, increase problem solving strategies, create simulations, discover and learn amazing things through the use of technology.
  4. YOUNG WRITERS GUILD aims to provide worthwhile activities designed to utilize the English language as a vehicle of communication in the building of a Christian community; serves as training ground for better self-expression through written works and improve pupils’ communication skills through active participation in all club activities. 
  5. BOOK LOVERS CLUB aims to provide enrichment activities designed to enhance pupils’ knowledge and skills in Reading which will enable them to contribute to the growth of Christian community and to stimulate strong, active and greater interest in the subject through active participation in all club activities. 
  6. AKLAT AT PANITIK CLUB aims to develop the macro skills in Filipino through communicative approach in speaking, reading, listening, writing, viewing and acting in stylized manner with proper application and attitude while performing in different venues. This also focuses on the improvement of skills in interpreting different genre in literature for the physical and mental development of Marian pupils. 
  7. READERS THEATER CLUB aims at improving reader’s smoothness/pacing, accuracy, prosody, automaticity and confidence in reading thereby developing word recognition and eventual comprehension necessary for enhanced academic performance. This also addresses the macro skills of speaking, reading, listening, writing and visual arts. This is also geared towards repeated reading, continuous practice and moderator scaffolding. 
  8. EARTH SAVERS CLUB aims to see the relationship of ecology and religion as they consider the need to fashion a new technology of creation needed in today’s ecological crisis.


  1. GLEE CLUB aims to develop love, appreciation, refinement and good taste in music.
  2. DANCE CLUB aims to develop appreciation for wholesome and recreational activities; gain insights of our Philippine culture and other people’s culture through rhythmic activities; and develop social attitude and aesthetic values through active participation in all club activities and other school-related activities. 
  3. MARIAN GUITAR CLUB aims to develop greater opportunity for musical growth, develop skills in playing the guitar and special aptitude and sensitivity in tone and harmony.
  4. TEATRO BULILIT CLUB aims to promote among the members a sense of belongingness in a group that caters to their interest through worthwhile theater activities, enhance talents in acting; develop self-confidence, sensitivity and flexibility.
  5. LIKHANG-KAMAY CLUB aims to provide wholesome experiences that will help develop pupils’ ability and desire to express and communicate creatively and spontaneously through various media, methods and areas of expression. 
  6. YOUNG HOMEMAKERS CLUB aims to provide opportunities for homemaking activities such as food preparations, baking, sewing and handicrafts; helps the pupils become more responsible and productive members of the home, school and community.


These clubs aim to assist pupils in learning sports fundamentals, sharpening skills and imbibing the spirit of sportsmanship through varied sports activities. Sports clubs are designed to help the pupils become useful and productive members of the school and community.

Basic sports activities are given to Grades 1 to 3 pupils. More intensive trainings are given to Grades 4 to 6 pupils with the following sub-clubs:

  • Badminton Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Chess Club
  • Table Tennis Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Young Runners Club


BARANGAYETTE CLUB is the umbrella of all club organizations. It is the student government of the department. It is composed of elected officers and selected Marian graders from Grades 3 to 6. It aims to develop responsible Ignacian Marian leaders in the school and in the community.

KAB/BOY AND STAR/GIRL SCOUTING CLUBS aim to develop responsible citizenship among boys and girls; provide a program of activities that will help develop well-rounded, useful, responsible, law abiding and productive community leaders who are always ready to be of service to others. Camping activities are integral to these clubs.