basic ed grade 7 to grade 12

An effective Student Activity Program enhances a curricular program. It is an important component of education in helping students become the persons they dream to be thereby helping them prepare for a more meaningful life. As young adults undergoing transformation, the Marians will become the Ignacian Marian leaders St. Mary’s College, Quezon City envisions them to be in the home, school and community.


Every Marian is a member of a club organization of the department. He/ She may join any of the religious, co-curricular, cultural/ performing arts, sports and civic/service clubs.



– MOTHER IGNACIA CLUB aims to build a community of youth who choose to profess and emulate the values and virtues of Venerable Ignacia in living a Christian life. Given the sufficient orientation on the life and Marian Spirituality of Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, the members will glorify God for the gift of Venerable Ignacia to the church, trust in her God-given intercessory power in the Congregation, pray and work for her cause for the greater glory of God and for the good of the Church. The club also awakens and develops the members’ love and devotion to the Blessed Mother.

– KNIGHTS AND LILIES OF THE ALTAR aims to prepare both male and female members for active involvement in apostolic work in the school and in their parishes by assisting in liturgical and para-liturgical services. The club focuses on developing Marians’ over-all characteristics through the enhancement of their liturgical service abilities.


– MATH SOCIETY aims to promote the importance of Mathematics in daily life; provide the members with seminars on the latest innovations and trends in the field of Mathematics; enrich their skills and knowledge through active participation in all club activities; and share their giftedness by rendering assistance among co-club members and other fellow Marians with academic deficiencies in Mathematics.

– INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY aims to develop appreciation of ICT; enhance the skills and creativity of the members through Webpage design, cartoon animation and the latest trend in computer technology. The club is also a venue for the development of self-confidence and self-expression through the competitions provided for the members.

– WRITERS GUILD and PANITIK AT PANULAT CLUBS (English and Filipino) aim to challenge young Marian journalists to use their writing skills in producing responsible reports, opinions, commentaries and wholesome information using both English and Filipino languages to promote a culture of appreciation and harmony as they explore possible career in writing.

– SPEAKERS/DEBATERS CLUB aims to enhance the communicative competence of the members. The club will design activities that will help the members develop their self-confidence and prepare them for the different off-campus competitions.

– BOOK LOVERS CLUB aims to promote love for reading primarily among the members and consequently among the Marians; guide students in the choice of reading materials befitting of a Marian in the modern time; assist the Marians to become purposeful, discerning and intelligent readers; and help them develop skills for life-long learning.

– EARTH SAVERS CLUB aims to create a group of scientifically inclined Marians who will support ecological and environmental causes; be stewards and stewardesses of their own life and the gifts of nature; enhance their scientific skills needed for a more meaningful life in school and in the community; be protectors of a life-giving environment.

– AP TAMBULI AND MEDIA CLUB aims to promote the appreciation of history, love of culture and pride in being Filipino; to develop media literate youth using both English and Filipino in discerning critical issues of the day in the light of the core values of Venerable Ignacia; and to empower the members to be Ignacian Marian leaders and advocates of responsible media.

– BOARD GAMES CLUB aims to develop logic reasoning skills; improve critical thinking and boost spatial reasoning; increase verbal and communications skills; and develop attention skills and the ability to concentrate and focus for longer periods of time while enjoying interaction with others.


– GLEE CLUB aims to develop love and appreciation of our cultural heritage through music and songs; propagate the glory of God through the hymns the members would create and to further enhance the musical talents of those who wish to express and attain good music through chorale performances and competitions.

– DANCE CLUB aims to develop appreciation for worthwhile and recreational activities; pride in our Philippine culture and dances and other cultures through rhythmic dances and modern tempos; and active participation in all performances and competitions to further develop the members’ skills.

– GUITAR CLUB aims to provide the members greater opportunity for musical growth and enhancement; develop skills in playing the guitar; instill strong sensitivity to tone and harmony and share their talents during liturgical celebrations and performances.

– TEATRILLIANS CLUB aims to develop the Marians’ potentials towards artistic excellence through the enhancement of their theatrical skills, self-confidence and self-expressions through creative performances on stage. It also develops appreciation for cultural diversities.

– CREATIVE ARTS CLUB aims to provide wholesome experiences to develop the members’ ability and desire to express their emotions and skills through creative designs and artworks.

– INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB aims to provide opportunities for students to study, observe, experiment and work with industrial tools, machine, materials and processes. It includes short courses in electronics, graphics arts, industrial arts, industrial drawing, plastics and wood working.

– TEEN CHEFS CLUB aims to provide worthwhile opportunities for home making activities such as food preparation, cooking, baking, table serving, etiquette and table manners, demonstrations and food planning in order to help students become responsible and productive members of the home, school and community.

– PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB aims to provide opportunities and worthwhile activities to promote aesthetic sense and enhance students’ interests, skills and self-expressions through responsible and creative photography.


– The different sports clubs aim to develop among the members the basic skills and values inherent in sports; provide practice exercises to sharpen their skills; and give opportunities to develop sportsmanship and camaraderie through varied sports activities designed to hone the students to become useful and productive members of the school and community. With the training provided for during the regular school year and in summer for varsity players, they are inculcated with positive work ethics and values that would make them competitive and responsible individuals.

* Badminton Club

* Basketball Club

* Chess Club

* Futsal Club

* Table Tennis Club

* Ultimate Frisbee Club

* Volleyball Club


+ MARIAN STUDENT COUNCIL is the highest student governing body in Grades 7 to 12 of the Basic Education Department of St. Mary’s College, Quezon City which aims to promote leadership and cooperation in accordance with the philosophy and objectives of the school. It serves as a liaison between the students and the administration, emphasizing unity and service, leadership and cooperation for the welfare of the Ignacian Marian community. The Marian Student Council believes in servant leadership – service with the highest degree of responsibility and selfishness. It also aims to plan and implement concrete projects, which will be beneficial to the students, to the department and to the school in general.

+ SCOUT COMMUNITY LEADERS (SCLs) aims to be a venue for Grades 7 to 12 Marians to be paragon of discipline and to be of service to the Ignacian Marian Community. The club further aims to establish a school of servant leaders. The SCLs assist the Offices of the Student Activity Coordinator and Discipline Coordinators.


1. STEM Strand (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

* SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING CLUB aims to provide venue where Ignacian Marian students can apply concepts and relationship in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering and propose innovations that may address environmental, societal and technological problems.

* INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY CLUB aims to provide students with varying degrees of computer and networking technology skills. It offers the opportunity to express and develop their ideas and talents through media technology, blogging, online publications, writings, and communication.

2. ABM Strand (Accountancy, Business and Management)

* ENTREPRENEURSHIP CLUB aims to help students turn ideas and passions into businesses, teach basic strategies in writing business plans, estimating costs and develop future business leaders as they network their ideas towards sources of funding.

* CULINARY ARTS CLUB aims to promote food appreciation including exposure to different culinary traditions, food history, healthy diet and eating practices, food science and various culinary techniques involving different types of cooking.

3. HumSS Strand (Humanities and Social Sciences)

* IGNACIAN PRESS CLUB aims to provide practical experiences for the students in the field of journalism through the production of the school paper and active participation in seminars, workshops and competitions about different aspects of journalism.

* VISUAL ARTS CLUB aims to increase art appreciation by bringing together students who love drawing, painting, designing, calligraphy, sculpture and other artistic skills. It encourages students to continue exploring their own talents as they create their own portfolio of art works.

* BOOK WIZARDS CLUB aims to encourage the students to tackle different book genres that would give them a better understanding of social issues, culture, arts and literature through guided book discussions.

Note: A student under the General Academic Strand (GAS) may choose from any of the clubs under the STEM, ABM or HumSS Strand.