The Maintenance Services Unit looks after the upkeep and maintenance of cleanliness, orderliness and sanitation of the school community. It is a service unit that supports the educational process within the school by assuring that the places for learning, working and playing are well-maintained, clean, comfortable and safe. The unit also responds to emergency situation in a timely fashion and coordinates with the various departments to meet their needs.

Being a support unit, the maintenance services unit makes certain to make things done as expected through the effective utilization of human resources. The unit comprises of a skilled workforce who provides quality service to the school community. As such, the maintenance services personnel have a regular schedule in keeping the school clean and safe for the students, parents, faculty and other personnel.

To maintain the cleanliness in the campus, the “Waste Management Committee” through the assistance of the Maintenance Personnel plans ways to dispose of garbage properly: by providing trash bins with labels (Recyclables, Residuals, Compostable and Special Wastes) materials). The assigned maintenance services personnel collects and brings the garbage to the Material Recovery Facility (M.R.F.).

The Maintenance Services unit is looking forward to the cooperation of the students and the rest of the school community in keeping the school clean and orderly by throwing their trash properly on waste bins provided in the strategic areas in the campus.