Question #1

What curriculum does SMCQC Basic Education Department offer?

Answer #1

The Basic Education Department of SMCQC offers a curriculum that is over and above the DepEd’s K to 12 Curriculum requirement (e.g. Science curriculum is offered in Grades 1 and 2 while the STEM-Robotics curriculum is offered in Grades 4 to 12). The department also adheres with the Refined RVM Pedagogy interwoven with the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework which focuses on the acquisition of learning, making meaning and transfer of learning.

 Question #2

What is the basis for sectioning?

Answer #2

Sectioning is based on pupils’/students’ ranking in the previous school year. The top 35 to 45 pupils/students make up the cream section while the remaining pupils/students are grouped heterogeneously to compose the remaining sections.

 Question #3

What grading system does the department use?

Answer #3

The department adheres to DepEd Order No. 8, Series of 2015 (Policy Guidelines on Classroom Assessment for the K to 12 Basic Education Program). The grade components are as follows:

Grades 1 to 10

Components Araling Panlipunan/ English Filipino Science Math MAPEH EPP/TLE and Computer/ Christian Living Robotics*
Written Works (WW) 30% 40% 20%
Performance Tasks (PT) 50% 40% 60% 70%
Quarterly Assessment (QA) 20% 20% 20% 30%

Grades 11 to 12

Academic Track
Components Core Subjects Core Subjects Work Immersion/ Research Capstone/ Culminating Activity/ Business Enterprise Simulation Robotics*
Subjects Subjects
Written Works (WW) 25% 25% 35%
Performance Tasks (PT) 50% 45% 40% 70%
Quarterly Assessment (QA) 25% 30% 25% 30%

Question #4

What enrichment and enhancement classes does SMCQC offer?

Answer #4

The following enrichment and enhancement classes are offered in SMCQC:

  • Remedial Classes (Grades 1 to 12) – offered within the school year and during summer to pupils/students who got failing marks in any of the subjects
  • Extension Classes in Araling Panlipunan and Filipino (Grades 1 to 10) – offered to new pupils/students coming from foreign or international schools and lacking the necessary skills/units in the subject/s
  • Extension Classes in Christian Living (Grades 1 to 10) and Religious Studies (Grade 12) – offered to new pupils/students coming from non-Catholic schools without units in Christian Living (for Grades 1 to 10) /Religious Studies (for Grade12) or its equivalent
  • Advance Class in Mathematics (Grades 4 to 10) – offered to pupils/students with special skills in Mathematics
  • Interactive Class in English (Grades 4 to 10)- offered to pupils/students with special skills in English
  • Intelligence Circle in Science (Grades 4 to 10) -offered to pupils/students with special skills in Science
  • Enrichment Classes in English, Mathematics and Science – offered to Grades 6 and 12 pupils/students in preparation for their high school/college entrance tests

Question #5

When is the scheduled conference of the parents with the teachers?

Answer #5

Mid-Quarter Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) is being held two weeks prior to the scheduled quarterly examinations. This is done to help the parents of pupils/students who are at risk of failing to prepare and guide their son/daughter for the remaining mastery/long tests and quarterly/periodical test. Regular PTC is being held three weeks after the scheduled quarterly/periodical examinations. Report cards are issued to parents during the regular PTC.

Question #6

What tracks and strands does SMCQC offer in the Senior High School Program?

Answer #6

The department offers Academic Track in the senior high school level which includes Science, Technology and Engineering Strand (STEM), Accountancy, Business and Management Strand (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences Strand (HumSS) and General Academic Strand (GAS).

 Question #7

Can a student transfer from one strand to another?

Answer #7

Yes. For the incoming Grade 11 student, he/she can transfer strand within the first three weeks of classes. However, if he/she wishes to transfer to the STEM strand, he/she must meet the required grades in Grade 10 Mathematics and Science. If the student was not able to transfer during this period, he/she will remain in his/her current strand and will only be allowed to transfer after the first semester. In this case, the student should take two back subjects particularly the specialized subjects since the two previous specialized subjects that he/she had taken will not be credited in another strand.

Question #8

If a student wishes to enroll in the STEM strand but did not meet the grade requirements for Mathematics and Science, what will he/she do?

Answer #8

The student will be advised to enroll in the General Academic Strand (GAS) during the first semester since the subjects in this strand are the same with the STEM strand during the first semester. He/She should meet the target grade of at least 85 in all Mathematics and Science related subjects to qualify and transfer to the STEM Strand during the second semester. If a student failed to meet this target grade, he/she will be retained in the GAS or he/she may transfer to either HumSS or ABM strand.

Question #9

Do you accept transferees in the senior high school level after the first semester in Grade 11?

Answer #9

Yes. The department accepts transferees during the second semester of Grade 11 or an incoming Grade 12 student provided that the student will meet the requirement of the department for admission. However, if the set of subjects that the student took in his/her previous school is not the same with the set of subjects that SMCQC offers, he/she will be advised to enroll the missed subjects.